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Under the Home tab, you can find the Gr88er Control Panel dashboard with links to all available modules(sites, email, etc.) and an overview of your account limits

Gr88er Control Panel has the following tabs, depending on the modules that are enabled for the account that you used to log in.



A client is a company or individual that buys web hosting services from us or from a reseller . You should create at least one client before you go on and create web sites, email accounts, etc. because all these hosting services must have a client that they can be assigned to. It is possible to assign services to the admin directly if you don't have any hosting clients.



On this tab, we can create web sites, subdomains, aliasdomains, FTP accounts, shell users, MySQL databases, and cron jobs, and take a look at traffic statistics.



On this tab we can create email accounts, define email forwards and spamfilter settings, configure the system to fetch mail from remote POP3 and/or IMAP servers, set up content filters and black- and whitelists, etc.



On this tab you can create zones and DNS records for your domains. You can either do this by using the DNS Wizard (DNS > DNS Wizard > Add DNS Zone) which will automatically create a set of common DNS records for your domain (like www, mail, ns records, etc.), or you create the zones and records manually under DNS > DNS > Zones - you will also have to go there if you want to create further DNS records that are not created by the DNS Wizard.



Here you can change the password and the language of the currently logged in user. If you log in for the first time, it is strongly recommended to immediately change the default password.


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